Dealing with technology letting you down.
Saturday, May 4, 2013 at 7:57PM
Daryl Hunt in Education, Technology, support

If you are going to be running some blended learning classes and part of them will be run on-line then it is important that your students have their devices correctly set up to use those on-line tools. First you need to know what type of device your students will be using, for example a desktop computer or a notebook or even a tablet. Then the operating system. If its using web tools also the web browser and version and if you need plugin like Flash.

How ever the most important part is before you run an on-line class is to have some orientation sessions with your students. Make these sessions fun and while you are running them you are actually making sure your students can access your on-line tools and are feeling comfortable. If you are able you could have a session at your local education centre where the students could bring along their computers particularly if they have notebooks or tablets and you or your IT person could make sure everything was set up correctly for them, and could run some test. This could also be a fun orientation session.

What ever you are doing you are never going to be able to fully stop technological failures. For example if your primary tool is BB or Wiziq and for what ever reason you cant use them have a backup already in place such as Skype. If you and your students have a backup plan then you can still continue with a fun and productive class even if your primary technological tool lets you down.

Finally this reminds me of "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy" and its most famous quote, "Don't Panic"  

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