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    The Dragonbone Chair (Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, Book 1)
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When not engrossed reading a good book on my kindle, watching science fiction, singing with the Cappella Singers or looking for new apps for my Iphone or Ipad l also trawl through the Internet and post useful articles on my Blog. I welcome your thoughtful contributions or questions.  I mainly hangout on Google+ where I find a nice level of engagement and plenty of interesting posts. I also use Twitter and Facebook. For video conversations I use Skype but am actively looking for an alternative. I am still amazed at what you can do on the Internet and where it's possible I enjoy being an early adopter.

I am a Secular Humanist and passionate supporter of Social Justice issues and can be found on Google+ in heated but respectful debate on these and many other topics. When reading I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy and History as well as good smattering of Politics. If I had to choose a hero a word that is often over used I would say Carl Sagan. So that's me if you want to know more just drop me a line via my Contact Page or through the social media sites I have mentioned. 

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I have recently become a Co-Manager of a Google+ support page called Oasis in the Stream If you are new to Google+ or want to learn more about it and other Google products please pop on over and join the discussion.



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Social networking with Chatter

Chatter is a combination of Twitter and Facebook like collaboration tool for business created by Salesforce. People who wish to join your Chatter must use your business email. So its a way of using the best of Twitter and Facebook but in a more closed environment where you can collaborate with other team members of your company or business. I have added a video overview of Chatter created by Salesforce. At the moment the service is free.



Are you interested in using social media but are worried about privacy issues reported on sites like Facebook? Maybe you want to use social networking in your elearning program. I recently came upon a site to create your own private network called Fridge. I have not yet played with it myself but I include a link to their site and a little Youtube promotional video. If you use Fridge let me know you thoughts about it.




Do you think there is room for another web browser ? Well the people at Rockmelt do they have just released by invitation a new browser built on Chrome that is designed especially for those of you who use social media sites like Facebook. I have applied for a look at the beta version and as soon as i get the invitation and play with it I will write a review. I have added the little promotional video from Rockmelt to wet your appetite. If you want to apply for an invitation just pop over to



Social Media is here and now?

I found this interesting video on Youtube about Social Media. It throws out a lot of statistics about the growth of Social Media. What do you think about it? Tell me your thoughts.



New Twitter

If you are a Twitter user you may find some big changes rolling out to your account over the next few weeks. I have included a link to a Fast Company post which included some screen shots and video of the new interface.

New Twitter from Fast Company


The Real Life Social Network

With rumours of Google creating it's own social networking platform "Google Me". Here is a slide show from Paul Adams a senior user experience researcher at Google. I first read about this on Smarterware. I have embedded the slide show. It is very interesting particularly if you have a Facebook account. One of the big problems with Facebook is having all your friends in one bucket and not being able to group them. With the demise of Google Wave we may see some elements end up in Google Me. I am looking forward to seeing what google has to offer.