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    The Dragonbone Chair (Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, Book 1)
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When not engrossed reading a good book on my kindle, watching science fiction, singing with the Cappella Singers or looking for new apps for my Iphone or Ipad l also trawl through the Internet and post useful articles on my Blog. I welcome your thoughtful contributions or questions.  I mainly hangout on Google+ where I find a nice level of engagement and plenty of interesting posts. I also use Twitter and Facebook. For video conversations I use Skype but am actively looking for an alternative. I am still amazed at what you can do on the Internet and where it's possible I enjoy being an early adopter.

I am a Secular Humanist and passionate supporter of Social Justice issues and can be found on Google+ in heated but respectful debate on these and many other topics. When reading I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy and History as well as good smattering of Politics. If I had to choose a hero a word that is often over used I would say Carl Sagan. So that's me if you want to know more just drop me a line via my Contact Page or through the social media sites I have mentioned. 

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I have recently become a Co-Manager of a Google+ support page called Oasis in the Stream If you are new to Google+ or want to learn more about it and other Google products please pop on over and join the discussion.



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Linux Ubuntu 11.04

Last year I wrote a short post on installing Ubuntu Linux on your computer using Wubi. Since then Ubuntu has been upgraded to 11.04. I have a MSI Wind netbook and installed Ubuntu using Wubi so that I had the option of being able to dual boot the netbook. Dual booting gives you the best of both worlds. If you have an ageing PC or notebook before you consider trashing them I would recommend giving Linux a try. You don't need a very powerful computer to run Linux and there are lots of free applications on your Linux machine.

There is a learning curve but if you are prepared to roll up you sleeves and give it a go I think you will find it very rewarding.  There is also a large on line community of Linux users who are willing to help a new user. Best of all Linux is very secure. Using Wubi to dual boot means you can still use your favourite Windows applications and still remain productive while your learning about Linux. 

Wubi Information

Ubuntu What's New?

If you decide to give Ubuntu Linux a go please don't hesitate to make a comment or two. I would be interested to know your thoughts.

I have included two videos on installing and running Ubuntu.



Linux & Windows dual boot


Have you heard about Linux? have you wanted to give it a try but were put off by thoughts of having to re-patrician or reformat your computer? And what happens if you don't like Linux? 

I may have a solution for you. I have a little netbook and wanted to try Linux Ubuntu. I did not want to get rid of my windows install so I looked on the net and found a great utility called Wubi. This little utility will download the latest Linux Ubuntu version and install it for you creating a separate resource under Windows, finally it will edit you boot area creating a dual boot. 

So you get the best of both worlds. If you decide that you don't want to keep your Linux install it's as easy as booting into windows going to add remove programs finding the Ubuntu Linux and running uninstall. If you find this interesting and you would like to try Wubi. I have included the link below.

I have also included a link to the Wubiguide where you can get more information before downloading. If you do give Wubi a try let me know how you get on.